The Best Fashion Apps to Download Today

Today, you can do virtually anything from anywhere through the use of your cell phone. Whether you’re team iPhone or team Android, both platforms are filled with thousands upon thousands of application for various uses. There are financial apps for the business industry, calorie counting apps for the health industry, study apps for the education industry, and more. Remember the days when the only app on the market was the fake Zippo lighter? We do. For us here at Nasr Jewelers Denton, our favorite apps fall in the fashion industry. You use your phone for everything else, why not elevate your style and shopping savvy straight from your phone? That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of fashion, style, and shopping apps to help you kick off 2019 in style.

Like To Know It

The ultimate app for the social media user, Like To Know It brings you from the influencer’s post, straight to the retailer, giving you the ability to match fashions with the latest influencer trends. Through their interface, you can skip the harrowing work of scrolling through comments, looking for someone to namedrop the company.

Keep Shopping

All of your carts compiled into one place. Keep Shopping is a platform which allows you to complete orders from various retailers, all from the comfort of one app.

The Hunt

This app is every fashion lover’s holy grail. Stop wasting days searching for that one pair of studded boots that you saw on the latest episode of The Bachelor. With this app, you can post direct pictures of the items you are searching for, and other users will help you hunt.


The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary is the go-to app for industry beginners, providing hundreds of definitions relating to the world of fashion. Become an educated shopper with this study tool. We see this issue all the time in the jewelry world, through terms like cut and clarity. Remember, an informed shopper is a smart shopper.


Let your Cher Horowitz dreams come true with this app. Stylebook works as a virtual closet, showing you all of your items, and pairing them into perfectly styled outfits. This app helps you utilize everything in your closet, and has you dressed and out the door within minutes.


Saving up for that new emerald piece? Check out Poshmark, an online consignment store bursting with activity. Download this app, sell your old pieces, and watch the money rain in.

Remember, dear shoppers, that amidst all of this technology, there is nothing in the app store that beats human connection. If you want to meet a great team of experts, and walk out with a new diamond, come visit us. From all of us here at Nasr Jewelers Denton, we wish you happy shopping.

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