How to properly care for your jewelry pieces

We have the joy and privilege here at Nasr Jewelers in Denton, TX to help our clients pick out jewelry pieces that they love, adore, and plan on passing down for generations to come. This is the BEST part of our job. However, the worst part is when we hear that some of these pieces have been damaged or ruined due to improper care. We feel that it is part of our job description to provide you with the skills and knowledge to properly care for your jewelry pieces so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Keep reading for a few of our best tips!!


Pearls are a beautiful and timeless gemstone that leave the wearer looking stunning. However, they are an extremely sensitive gemstone that requires a lot of care. When getting ready for the day, be sure to dress and put on all perfumes and lotions before you pull out your pearls. The chemicals will easily damage the gemstone and leave irreparable damage. At the end of the night, wipe them clean with a soft cloth and store them in a soft, velvety bag by themselves. Although beautiful, pearls scratch and dent very easily and need to be worn with care. We encourage you to wear your pearl pieces only for special occasions. This allows you to maintain their beauty, while also highlighting yours!


Gold is one of our best-selling metals at Nasr Jewelers. From wedding bands to watches, they leave our clients looking classic and elegant. What you might not know is that gold is a soft metal, it is, meaning they can be easily dented and scratched. Gold is not as sensitive as pearls, so wearing those pieces daily is completely okay. However, there are a few things we want you to be aware of. Avoid chlorine completely! This chemical will weaken your jewelry’s structure and will lead to breakage. We also recommend that you clean your pieces regularly. Luckily, cleaning gold at home is easy. Soak your pieces for three hours and then scrub them gently with a soft brush. See, jewelry maintenance is easy when you know what to do!

Overall Care

The main cause of diamond loss that we see is because clients don’t know to remove their pieces before putting on lotions and creams. These substances will sit in the edges of your jewelry and eventually loosen your stones. Our advice – bring your jewelry into the store every six months so that our trained team members can give them an in-house cleaning and inspection. They will look over your pieces and let you know if any repairs or deep cleanings are needed. You can also do weekly inspections on your pieces at home. Look out for loose screws, worn out prongs or dents!

Jewelry is timeless. You will own your pieces for years to come and will, hopefully, be able to pass them along to family members to enjoy later in life. Now, you have the knowledge and skills to maintain your pieces at home. But, no worries, our team is here for you! If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by the store. We are your one-stop jewelry spot!

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