This Year’s Jewelry Trends

At Nasr Jewelers Denton, we know that jewelry is the perfect way to add new trends to your classic wardrobe. As the years change, different styles cycle into fashion. This year, we have seen quite a few trends pass through the seasons: everything from shells to pearls. Take a look at our list of this year’s trends!


Shells, Shells, and More Shells!

Shells have found a way off the beach and into our jewelry boxes! Let’s just say, they have come back in a big way this year. From bohemian, beach-feel shell necklaces to statement shell earrings and rings, these sandy shore finds are the perfect way to bring that summer feeling with you everywhere. Some of the biggest shells trends we have seen are large shell features, hair accessories with small shell accents, and shells being mixed and matched with other stones and metals to create unique, one of a kind pieces. You can expect this trend to follow well past the summer season.


Get Crafty With Your Jewelry!

Remember those string friendship bracelets you used to make as a kid? They are back and better than ever! This year has brought us tons of crafty, diy-esque jewelry to spice up your wardrobe. From friendship bracelets to fringe earrings, you will finds something perfect for your taste. Add some color and fun to your look with crafty jewelry!


Abstract Shapes of All Sizes

2019 brought us unique abstract trends in jewelry. We have noticed a flood of artsy designs that everyone can wear. Look for pieces with different shapes and textures to give your style an interesting feel. The art world has crossed over into jewelry for one of this year’s hottest trends.


Big, Bold, Chains!

This isn’t your dainty, thin chain kind of style. This trend is all about going big and being bold. Rock chains from your ears, fingers, wrists, and neck with this hot trend. Gold isn’t the only color this style looks great in. Large silver chains have made themselves known, as well as your classic gold chain.


Perfectly Imperfect Pearls

Pearls have found themselves the center of this hot trend, but in a fun and different way than your classic string. This year, we have seen pearls of all varieties being displayed proudly as rings, necklaces, and everything in between. Freshwater pearls are all the rage, and we are living for the perfect, imperfect shapes and colors they bring to the table. Consider adding pearls into your hair accessories to give your look a fresh take.


Get excited for this year’s new trends! Jewelry is the perfect way to adjust your style without going overboard. If we know anything at Nasr Jewelers Denton, its that 2019 was full of some amazing new styles. Try adding your favorites to your wardrobe, today!

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