Our Top Jewelry Influencers

We love keeping up with new trends – whether it’s how to decorate our house or the hot fashion trends. Our favorite subject to keep up to date on is obviously jewelry, though! At Nasr Jewelers – Denton, we make sure we have a variety of jewelry available in our store, from classic engagement rings to top trending statement pieces.  We get our inspiration from top influencers, and can’t help but share who we’re following for #inspo! Check out these three influencers that keep you on our toes regarding top jewelry trends and other areas of fashion/beauty interest!

Who We Love

Alina Zaripova

We enjoy scrolling through Alina’s feed because she has such a fun variety of looks that she completes with various jewelry pieces!  While her content is based more on fashion and beauty, we appreciate the tagged jewelry so we know exactly how to stay on-trend.  Whether Alina has a dainty necklace and stud earrings on, or a bold necklace and hoops, we know that she particularly finished her outfit with hand-picked jewelry that is current and crowd-pleasing!  The best part is that while we’re staying on top of new jewelry trends and where to get them, Alina is showing us top fashion trends as she cruises the streets and shows us her backyard concrete jungle of New York!


Katerina Perez

At Nasr Jewelers – Denton, we love classic pieces like wedding bands, engagement rings, and watches, but the fun begins with bolder, more trendy styles!  That’s where Katerina comes in!  We love checking her Instagram feed to see what styles and colors she’s posting because they are always so unique, fun, and trending!  Katerina shows how jewelry can be so personal and used as a representation/extension of yourself. We never know what to expect in her next post, but always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing, as they’re usually pieces that would steal the show!


Courtney Shields Albright

Courtney may be one of our favorite influencers to follow for jewelry and style inspo!  Not only is she a Texas native like us, but she makes sure to show how she tops off her styles with jewelry!  She’s a fan of stacking bangles, classic hoops, and cocktail rings, and we are living for how she styles each outfit with a little glitz and glam. She is also extremely relatable and will let you know when certain jewelry pieces are on sale! While scrolling through Courtney’s feed, you’ll find yourself loving her fun captions, engagement, flow, and relatability.
While you’re checking out the Nasr Jeweler – Denton Instagram feed, but sure to search for these fun influencers to spruce up your feed and stay on top of the newest jewelry and accessories trends!  We keep an eye on what they post to make sure we have the newest trends and hot designers in store for you!  Be sure to let us know your favorite jewelry influencers to check out, too!

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