From Waiting Tables to Selling Engagement Rings: Brady Almond’s Journey to Nasr Jewelers

Human connection is the beating heart of the retail world, and here at Nasr Jewelers Denton, our heart beats in the form of our incredible team members and retail associates. Brady Almond has been at Nasr Jewelers since February of 2018 and has spent the last few years connecting with our customers through the shared love of fine jewels. The twenty-four-year-old expert has gone above and beyond to find the perfect piece for each person who walks through the Nasr Jeweler’s doors and now has his eyes peeled for his own special proposal. “I have a girlfriend of eight years who I love very much,” says Almond, “I’ll be popping the question soon, so I know what it feels like to search for that perfect ring.”

Born and raised in Keller, Texas, Brady Almond had a unique career path, meeting the owner of Nasr Jewelers Denton, Peter and his wife, as a waiter. As the tale goes, the business owner was so impressed by Brady’s service that they offered him a job that afternoon. Alongside his work at the store, Almond is currently pursuing a college degree and searching for his opportunity to “make something that will help many people.”

In what ways has Brady Almond excelled as a sales rep and jewelry consultant? “I’ve really taken control of some of the more tedious tasks,” says Almond, “I’ve digitized things like inventory forms and organizational materials, and beyond that, I always bring a personable attitude forward when working with clients. It’s important to identify a customer’s needs before focusing on the sale.” What are the challenges of a young sales rep? “There have been times when people have looked down on me as a young person, assuming I am inexperienced,” says Almond, “and of course, like any line of work, there can be the occasional customer that is determined to be displeased.” As a sales rep, Almond’s top priority is providing ease for customers and making their shopping experience a pleasurable one. “I find that transparency is the greatest tool,” says Almond, “I am always honest with the customer and fully transparent. You never want a customer to feel duped or manipulated into a sale, and I love to share how things are done behind the scenes and share my personal experiences with them to make them feel comfortable with their choice.”

As Nasr Jewelers Denton adjusts to the new normal, along with the rest of the nation, the staff had been forced to adapt. Brady Almond, dependable as ever, has adjusted by working solo most evenings and continuing to provide a positive experience for all customers. “Nasr Jewelers is an extraordinary place and will work through these tough times,” says Almond, “the owner is here every day. The chain of command is so short that if anyone has a problem or needs to speak to a higher-up, they immediately get the highest in power. I don’t see that anywhere except the occasional mom and pop shop.”

In the next five years, Brady Almond hopes to have chosen an engagement ring of his own, a process that he has assisted many with before. For Almond, the future is a lifetime with his girlfriend, many memories of traveling the world, and the accomplishment of college graduation under his belt. For now, he has some proven advice for those looking to emulate the career he has created for himself. “Communication is key to a successful career,” says Almond, “if you have a problem, make it known. If you have a suggestion, be heard. Also remember that while not everyone deserves your best, no one deserves your worst.”

Fun fact about Brady Almond? He is the #1 saxophone player in this region of Texas! He’s mastered solo competition, jazz solo competition, marching band solo competition, sat at the 1st chair in the highest band, and snagged 1st place at Regionals.

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