Men’s Bands Styles and Trends

As wedding season approaches, it is time to consider all of the details of your big day! Though we have to admit that weddings are usually all about the bride, there are still some details for the guys that are important. For men, having a wedding band isn’t just about having some metal around your ring finger. There are options now, all of which are in our store at Nasr Jewelers – Denton. Tell a story with the wedding band you choose or let it match your style and personality. Let’s discuss these options and how we can help you choose the perfect band for your wedding day!  

Consider Your Style

For starters, we should consider men’s fashion trends right now, and how they play into the type of band you should get. There are many options to choose from when it comes to style and metals, so think about your style and what kind of ring would be best for your life! There are sporty, sturdy, classic, and fashionable styles to choose from. If you consider yourself to be on-trend with business professional looks, a classic ring style might be up your alley. We suggest looking at Triton’s collections to choose one that is classic but might have a twist on it that has your personality behind it. From a touch of a different metal in the center to a solid titanium ring, there are many options to choose from.  

What about a more sporty lifestyle and trend? We have everything you need for a singular ring that you can take from the gym to the streets to the office! We guarantee that any of the men’s bands you look at in our store are top-quality and made to last. You can pair any of our rings with a sports coat and jeans for a night out or some gym shorts and your tennis shoes for a gym session; whatever you need out of your wedding band is something we can accommodate for you! Which style do you think fits your needs best?

A Personalized Touch

If you like to go the extra mile for your significant other, let us help you do that with your wedding band. As a wife, you can engrave a special memory or message into your band to make it uniquely yours. No matter the metal, design, or collection, at Nasr Jewelers – Denton, we will ensure the quality and meaning of your band. You can engrave your wedding date or even have half of your favorite love quote on each wedding band to bond you two beyond your marriage vows! 

Here at Nasr Jewelers – Denton, we showcase different brands and collections of all kinds of jewelry, including special wedding bands for the best guys around! No matter what kind of style and trend you are looking for in a band, we have you covered. From traditional to sleek or sporty to blinging, let us find your perfect ring in our store at Nasr Jewelers – Denton!

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