Gemstones Perfect for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we all want to shower our loved ones with the perfect gifts to show how adored and special they are! However, we know the overwhelming amount of pieces to choose come can make it hard to pick what’s best. That’s where Nasr Jewelers Denton comes in. We want to make choosing the perfect jewelry piece for your loved one as seamless as possible. Join us below as we break down the best gemstones for this beautiful holiday!

All you need is love. But a little JEWELRY never hurt anybody.

– Robert Ludlum


We’re sure you guessed our first recommendation, as its crisp red color is none other than the symbol of love, passion, and raw emotion. Many also believe that ruby is the “king” of gemstones, rich in value and deemed to bring good fortune. If your special someone adores a little pop of color, we say this is the way to go!


Talk about classic! If you’re looking for a timeless piece, we recommend seeking out pearls. Known for its beauty and purity, this stone is sure to impress your lover with its clean radiance.


Well, as you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and for good reason! Did you know that diamonds are the hardest to break? Many say this symbolizes an unbreakable bond between partners, making this sparkling gem an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day.


Garnet is known for its sensual energy, rich in nature and embodying passion. While garnet may vary in shape and color, we recommend deep red for this upcoming holiday dedicated to love.


Lastly, we recommend February’s featured monthly gemstone, Amethyst! This would be a superb choice if your loved one is a February birthday. Purple is a color of passion and lust, perfect for a holiday centered around love.

You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm night, but they are sure fun when the sun shines.

– Elizabeth Taylor

We hope sharing our top five gemstone choices helps you with your Valentine gift search. As always, stop in our store anytime, and our associates will be happy to assist you! After all, at Nasr Jewelers Denton, we aim to provide customer service that shines, which is precisely why we’ve been customizing elegance since 1978. Our mission at Nasr Jewelers is to work with honesty, integrity, and the highest quality artistry, providing customers with custom and brand name pieces sure to please. For a closer look at the pieces we offer, we invite you to visit our website!


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