2022: What’s Trending

The new year is underway, which means it’s time to freshen up your look! As you know, fashion is constantly evolving. Yet this year, many of the go-to jewelry trends will be reminiscent of days gone by. It’s time to pull out your jewelry boxes and take stock because if you want to be trendy, you’ve got to start planning now!

No matter your style, this year’s top pieces will be perfect additions to your wardrobe. If you tend to lean towards dark colors in your clothes, some bold choices will add that pop you’re looking for. Are you more of a bright color lover? No worries; you’re in for a treat as well.

Are you eager to learn what’s in? Great! Read on to see what we’re excited to see our customers wear. And don’t forget, to snag some new, trendy jewelry for your collection, visit our team at Nasr Jewelers in Denton!

Bold & Bright Colored Jewelry

Colorful is “in” in 2022!! You can mix and match, go bold, or play it safe. No matter what colors you choose to rock in your jewelry this year, you’ll be looked at as a trendsetter. With beads also making a comeback, you’ll have plenty of choices to really stand out amongst the crowd!

Silver Metal

While yellow gold has been trying to make a comeback, it’s going to be sitting on the backburner this year, while silver steals the show! Now, when we say silver, we want you to picture edgy jewelry pieces with a punk feel – twisted metal, thick cuffs, and toggled links.

Cuff Bracelets

Speaking of cuff jewelry, you’re going to be seeing a ton of cuff bracelets on both runway models and your closest friends! With various styles, shapes, and colors available, cuff jewelry is really going to stand out this year since it can be worn during a night out and at the grocery store.

Front-Facing Hoops

Are you all about your hoop earrings? Then, you’re in luck because you can wear them over the next few months and still be on-trend! The twist – front-facing hoops are what’s popular. There is such versatility to these styles that the fashion potential is endless! What kind of stones would you rather have in yours – diamonds or gemstones?

There you have it, trendsetters! Throughout 2022, you’re going to see tons of options for these pieces and many more. At Nasr Jewelers, we make it a priority to stay in the know. Why? We’ve got customers to please and cases to stock. On your next visit, we promise that we’ll have a ton of jewelry pieces to peruse and are confident that even our most chic customer will walk away happy.

What jewelry trend are you the most excited about? This list is just a glimpse of what’s in fashion this year. Visit us at 1800 Brinker Rd, Suite 100, Denton, TX 76208. Our expert team is ready to help you up your style and fill your jewelry box!


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