What’s New For Pandora This Fall

We are beaming with excitement each time we see what is new for Pandora this fall! Their latest collections are versatile, fun, and beautiful and will help you style any outfit with details specific to everything you love! Here, we’ll describe what’s new with Pandora, but you’ll have to check it out in-store to see the collections yourself. 

Franchise x Pandora Collections

Pandora always comes through with the most fun and exciting collaboration collections for your favorite franchises! Our favorite past collection included the Harry Potter x Pandora collection, but we are thrilled to announce that new collections are sure to please your inner nerd.

Be ready to geek out with our latest collection this fall – the Star Wars x Pandora jewelry.  This includes charms of your favorite characters, necklaces, and earrings. When you get something from this set, the force will surely be with you. 

Don’t sleep on the Disney x Pandora sets, either! From classic movies like Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella to new favorites, there is something for everyone. Here, you’ll find charms and full bracelet sets that will let everyone know which movie you like best!

Let your inner hero show with the Marvel x Pandora collection. New this fall, you can protect yourself with Captain America’s shield charm and keychain with other heroes alike! Who is your favorite superhero from Marvel?

Celebrate Every Moment with Pandora Moments

No matter what moment you are going to celebrate, do it with Pandora Moments. This new fall collection is the perfect pink stone set in gorgeous rings, earrings, necklaces, and charms. The collection features stunning gold metal and is sure to help you feel confident and beautiful in your new accessories.  

Do you plan to buy something from Pandora Moments for yourself or as a gift? Either way, you can let our team of experts help you find the perfect piece at Nasr Jewelers – Denton. It’s time to celebrate every moment with Pandora Moments to let your jewelry tell your story!

New Fall Charms and Styles

In addition to the various new collections with Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel, Pandora is bringing out new charms, bracelet styles, and necklace chains. These new pieces include various metals with stylish textures and looks.  

With hundreds of possibilities, you can personalize your jewelry to be authentic to you and make a statement about yourself through your style.  Mix and match our charms with your favorite new chain that is versatile and stylish. What will you create?

Fall in Love with Pandora’s Fall Line

Here at Nasr Jewelers – Denton, we are absolutely positive you are going to find something charming and essential to your style and personality. Whether you are a walking Disney+ (Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars) ad with our collaboration collections, finding something to tell your story with the Pandora Moments collection, or trying out new styles with our various new chains, we know there is something that will make you fall in love with Pandora’s fall line. 
Come into our store to see everything for yourself and let our experts help style you or find the perfect gift. We suggest visiting quickly before the collections are gone and following us on Instagram for the latest styles!


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